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Because we live in the state of Florida, we know that sometimes our home has a chance of being in danger of a natural disaster; however, incidents such as sinkholes or mold are not predicted to happen to your home. The worst part is, insurance companies will try to get you as little compensation for your settlement as they can. This is why having an insurance adjuster is so valuable.

Having a home that’s been seriously damaged is extremely discouraging and very frustrating for most people. On top of that, insurance companies are trying in every way to not follow the policies of your claim. This is why one of the best parts about our job is seeing you get what is rightfully yours and not taken away.

We will fight for you to get the settlement that you deserve. This is why so many people choose to go with 2nd Opinion Insurance Adjusters in Florida. If you are being restricted of your coverage that’s in your policy, please contact us today so that we can get the settlement that you need for the damage done to your home. Do not show your recorded statement to anyone unless you have already spoken with an insurance adjuster.

If you have just experienced an incident that involves coverage from your policy, do not hesitate to call today. It is our duty to get what is rightfully yours.

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Claims A Public Insurance Adjuster Can Help With

A knowledgeable and experienced Public Insurance Adjuster can help you resolve your problem as they service a wide variety of claims. Please refer to our Claims page to read about just a few of the most common types of claims we work on.

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