Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a Public Adjuster in Orlando instead of letting my general contractor deal with the insurance company?

Under Florida Law a Public Insurance Adjuster is the only licensed person that can legally represent you to your insurance company other than an attorney. An insurance company will not negotiate or discuss coverages with a contractor, relative, friend, etc.

Why have I not heard of a Public Adjuster in Orlando before?

The bulk of our business generally comes from word of mouth from satisfied clients. Usually, most homeowners or business owners do not think about specific insurance coverage until after there is a loss.

Why should I hire a Public Adjuster in Orlando when my own insurance company has already assigned me an adjuster?

A company adjuster or an independent adjuster take their orders from the insurance company. They have a fiduciary responsibility to the insurance company under Florida statutes, not to the homeowner. Some company or independent adjusters are very inexperienced and may also overlook valuable coverage due to a heavy workload.

I have already received some money or a denial of coverage from my insurance company. Is it too late to hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

It is never too late to have a public insurance adjuster review your claim. What have you got to lose? Always seek a 2nd Opinion and know for sure. A claim may be re-opened going back three years for wind or five years for all other losses.

How does a Public Insurance Adjuster get paid?

A Public Insurance Adjuster gets a small percentage of the insurance settlement. They get paid when you get paid with no upfront fees. 2nd Opinion Public Insurance Adjusters will negotiate a better settlement for our clients due to the proper adjustment of the insurance claim and policy interpretation than what an insurance carrier had initially offered. Our involvement has always increased the homeowner’s financial recovery even after deducting the small fee.

An experienced public insurance adjuster is a homeowner's biggest asset when dealing with the insurance company, regardless of the size of the claim. The small fee we charge for our experience will be paid back in a higher settlement as well as piece of mind for the homeowner.

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