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Whether the fire was started by an electrical malfunction in your home, stove or even just a match, a small flame can become a large fire within minutes. The repairs for damages can prove quite costly and the effects from the entire ordeal can be quite catastrophic. Our fire insurance adjusters in Orlando, FL is here to help when you have experienced a fire in your home.


Questions to Ask Yourself First:


  1. Does your homeowners’ insurance policy cover residential fire damage?
  2. If so, will it cover the full extent of it?
  3. Will the damage exceed the deductible amount?


At 2nd Opinion Public Insurance Adjusters, we are committed to helping homeowners obtain a highly accurate adjustment in order to use this when battling the insurance companies with their claim. Insurance companies want to spend the least amount of money possible, which is why seeking the help of a public fire insurance adjuster in Orlando is essential.


Our highly-experienced adjusters will go the extra mile and conduct a very thorough analysis during the inspection of your home to ensure that no inch of damage is missed during their inspection.


Fire Damage Claim Advice


Even with a small fire, the soot and odor from the chemical by-products used in the manufacture of the building and contents can last for years. 

Large fires which cause severe structural damage can be repaired but do you know at what point the insurance company should pay out policy limits and not try to force a repair? A lot of times the carriers don’t even know or tend to forget.


Act Quickly!


Homeowners Insurance companies have guidelines and time frames in which a claim must be filed. It is important to act swiftly to ensure that you receive the compensation for your claim as quickly as possible so that you and your loved ones can go back to living in your home. Often times after a fire has occurred, the area is uninhabitable, and families must temporarily live off site in order to keep their family safe.

Do you know what your insurance company is fishing for when they ask questions regarding your everyday living expenses?

The sooner your claim is filed, the better your chances of avoiding complications or even having your claim denied. The best way to begin is hiring the services of a highly-experienced adjuster so that you are not left having to pay out of pocket when you could have had our company offer a second opinion.


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