Do not let the insurance company bully you

An insurance company adjuster will always attempt to settle your home insurance claims as inexpensively as possible. They report to and get paid by the insurance company. They have a fiduciary responsibility to the insurance company, not to the homeowner.

A report generated by the Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (Florida government) reported that policyholders who had typical home insurance claims and utilized a public insurance adjuster received an estimated $9,379.00 compared to those who did not use a public adjuster (an estimated $1,391.00) – a difference of 574%. The clear truth is to always seek the advice of a public insurance adjuster or attorney when dealing with an insurance company. 2nd Opinion Public Insurance Adjusters have the expertise to properly assist the homeowner in every way.

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Some Recent Settlements

Sinkhole: After 2nd Opinion’s involvement, an insurance carrier paid $360,000.00 on a sinkhole claim. We pointed out additional coverage the homeowner was entitled to and they paid an additional $130,000.00. We further pointed out language in their policy that benefited the homeowner and they issued a third check in the amount of $14,000.00. Our investigation determined the insurance company was slow in making some of their payments and they paid an additional $9,000.00 in interest.

Water: After a carrier’s initial denial and our investigation of the damages, we settled a homeowner’s claim for $26,600.00. Our investigation into the facts easily refuted their engineers report.

Hail: A carrier used their favorite engineer who reported the roof did not sustain any hail damage. The homeowner contacted 2nd Opinion and we settled the claim for a new roof ($19,000.00). The engineers report was again, easily refuted with the facts.

Hail: Another client’s insurance carrier agreed the roof sustained severe hail damage but attempted to deny the claim writing that hail was a natural occurence in Florida and claimed the hail was wear and tear which is ludicrous. They quickly paid for a new roof after our involvement.

Water: An insurance carrier’s lowball offer of $7,000.00 was a disgrace after we settled for over $58,000.00 during a procedure called “Appraisal”. (Unfortunately, many insurance companies are removing this benefit from the policy.)

Fire: We have settled two recent fire claims, for an additional $40,000.00 and $35,000.00 respectively, after the homeowner made the right choice in contacting us.

An experienced public insurance adjuster is a homeowner's biggest asset when dealing with the insurance company, regardless of the size of the claim. The small fee we charge for our experience will be paid back in a higher settlement as well as piece of mind for the homeowner.

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