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How Does A Sinkhole Occur?


In the United States, one of the states that sinkholes occur most frequently is Florida. A sinkhole forms beneath Earth’s surface from changes in the water-table when groundwater passes through soluble bedrock such as limestone or gypsum. The process of this erosion creates large gaps in the bedrock. In time, after enough erosion has occurred, these underground empty gaps or cavities collapse under their own weight, which results in a sinkhole, which may manifest itself as a large crater that nearby cars, or homes may fall into. Being aware and knowing the signs can make all the difference. If a sinkhole in Orlando occurs, you now will know steps to take.


What Are The Signs Of A Sinkhole?


  • Trees or fence posts that seem to tilt or fall.
  • Home or business foundations that slant.
  • New small ponds that appear after rainfall.
  • Cracks in the ground.
  • Sudden drainage of a pond.
  • Rapid appearance of a hole in the ground.
  • Dips, depressions or slopes that appear in a yard.
  • Uneven flooring or windows/doors that won’t close properly any longer.
  • Well water that is discolored or contaminated with debris
  • Cracking or buckling of home’s concrete slab or cracks in the exterior walls.


Sinkhole Insurance


Since Florida experiences frequent sinkhole activity in comparison with other states, Florida Statute 627.706 requires every insurer authorized to sell property insurance in Florida to also provide coverage for catastrophic ground cover collapse. Here comes the tricky part, the law defines sinkhole damage differently than catastrophic ground cover collapse, so the damage may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy!


How Do I File A Sinkhole Claim?


As a property owner, the occurrence of a sinkhole and the aftermath of the repair may seem overwhelming. At 2nd Opinion Public Insurance Adjusters in Orlando, we can assist a property owner with a thorough inspection of the damage when they are in the process of their sinkhole claim. We can review all the information in your claim file to ensure that proper sinkhole testing was conducted in case your insurance company decides to deny the claim stating that no sinkhole activity was found. If sinkhole activity is indeed confirmed, our insurance adjusters will work to see that you are properly compensated for your loss with our assessment. We will be happy to inspect your damages and then discuss your options with you if you have been affected by a sinkhole in Orlando (or nearby areas).


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