Water Damage

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to offer a second look and ensure all of the damages have been properly assessed.

Have you fallen victim to a heavy leak or natural disaster that has left your home inundated with water? Every year the insurance companies update their policies and what you may have believed to be covered is now not as clear, or not the case at all. This is why calling upon a highly-experienced water damage insurance adjuster in Orlando is an efficient and comprehensive way to have the damage thoroughly examined and adjusted.


Questions to Ask Yourself When Water Damage Has Occurred:

  1. Will this incident be covered by my insurance policy?
  2. If so, will the damage caused exceed the deductible amount?
  3. Should I file a claim?


The adjuster that works for the insurance company is biased. They must attempt to save the insurance company money by offering the minimal amount of compensation for your claim. Therefore, it is essential to call upon a public water damage insurance adjuster in Orlando, such as 2nd Opinion Public Insurance Adjusters, to conduct a very detailed inspection of the damages.


Water Damage Filed in Claims


In Florida as a whole, water damage claims make up the majority of homeowners insurance claims filed. Our company is here to help you in ensuring that a maximum settlement is agreed upon with the insurance company, helping you the homeowner.


Some areas to look out for are policies regarding mold, floods, open holes in the roof due to hurricanes or other natural disasters, and etc. our public adjuster is more than knowledgeable in these areas.


How Water Damage Can Easily Occur


  • Heavy Rainfall
  • Flooding
  • Roof Leak
  • Burst Pipe
  • Dishwasher Issue
  • Toilet Clogs
  • Cracked Foundations

What Should I do If I am Experiencing Water Damage?

If the source of the water is due to a plumbing failure issue then you should shut off your water supply immediately to keep the damage from worsening. Water causes mold, so the sooner the water supply is stopped from the source, the better. If the source is from a leaking roof then try to get a tarp installed by a professional. Afterward, call your homeowners’ insurance company and then our Water Damage Insurance Adjuster in Orlando. Remember to never let the insurance company take a recorded statement from you until you have had the opportunity to discuss your situation with us. Additionally, some insurance policies will limit or exclude the amount of coverage available if you wait too long to have a water mitigation company respond. By giving you our highly detailed and thorough analysis, you can prove to the insurance company the precise extent of the damage caused and how much you should be compensated for your claim. Our job as public adjusters is to help the homeowner obtain the fair amount of compensation and never less. We provide honest and thorough inspections to ensure the homeowner achieves this goal.


Types of Water to Watch Out For


Gray Water: most often found in dishwashers, washing machines and toilets, this water contains chemicals and biological contaminants that will cause you and your loved ones to become ill when exposed to gray water for an extended amount of time.


Black Water: sewage water, standing water and river water are some of the most harmful types of damage that can possibly occur. The water is highly contaminated. If you find your home has black water damage, it is important that you evacuate the premise as soon as possible.

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