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Any amount of damage to a roof caused by wind or hail needs to be immediately addressed as delays could result in leaks and a denial. Even though there is a life expectancy to each roof depending on the type of shingle installed, an insurance company will generally try to have it repaired when it may not be a viable consideration or whether the end result will match.

Common Strategies Used By Insurance Companies To Deny Claims

Many times, the policy allows for a full replacement even if the roof is very old and the damage appears minor to the untrained observer.

Insurance companies will use their favorite engineers to inspect the roof and write up an assessment. Often the report will claim that there is little to no damage in an attempt to save the insurance company the cost of having to completely replace it.

The insurance company inspector may come to you, the homeowner, and claim that they will only need to repair a small portion of the roof. This is often a red flag. As a homeowner, it is important that you know that Florida Law requires that if 25% or more of a roof is damaged, then the insurance company must replace the roof in its entirety in order to bring it up to code. Even if the damages are less than 25% of the roof section, the insurance carrier more than likely will owe for a full replacement.
Another common tactic, is when the insurance company claims that the roof issues are due to improper installation, design or construction errors, freeing them of liability. Do not fall for this!

Advice From Our Wind & Hail Insurance Adjuster

Please do not allow these practices to bully you into accepting a roof repair or denial of coverage. 2nd Opinion Public Insurance Adjusters will have a seasoned inspector inspect your roof for damage and will represent your interests if we disagree with the insurance company. Remember, we will get you a settlement or our efforts are free.

While many insurance companies out there may do the right thing, there is a large number that simply do not, and that is why it is important that you contact our highly experienced wind and hail claims insurance adjuster to help you obtain the proper compensation for your claim, instead of a denial.

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